Angels Unaware


Primary and Ancillary Services
To better meet the specific needs of our ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents, we have developed a wide range of comprehensive primary and ancillary services including:

Behavioral Modification Approach Training – Angels Unaware Inc. uses a behavioral modification approach that is tailored to the individual needs of the consumer. It is used for skill acquisition, and if needed for inappropriate behavioral reduction. Our desire is to help our consumers become as independent in all areas of life with socially acceptable skills. Our consumers are encouraged to grow and develop skills in Self Care, Daily Living Skills, Community Integration, Socialization, Recreation, and Leisure Activities.

Transportation Services – Angels Unaware, Inc. owns and maintains a fleet of specially adapted vans for the transportation needs of this population. We have both fixed and unfixed, scheduled and unscheduled routes, and non-emergency transportation available for our Consumers. These vehicles are used for day school activities, transportation for appointments, recreational and leisure pursuits of the consumers. They are equipped with the appropriate equipment for the needs of the ambulatory, non-ambulatory and the ambulatory with special transportation needs.

Physical & Occupational Training – Angels Unaware, Inc. has staffing that is trained to complete the positioning and repositioning needs of the non-ambulatory consumers, and the specialized need of the ambulatory with specific challenges. If needed and prescribed by the consumer’s attending physician, we work directly with the Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist to achieve the maximum level of success.

Medical and Dental Health – Each consumer is encouraged to continue their relationship with their current physician if possible. They can also choose to take advantage of any of the physicians that currently serve our community. Angels Unaware, Inc. is focused on maintaining the consumer’s optimal health. We have Nursing Services available for those consumers with special challenges that require skilled nursing services (RN and LPN Nursing) on a regular daily or weekly bases.

Communications – Each home focuses on the development of the communication system that is appropriate for the individual consumer. Our desire is that the consumer be able to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and desires as successfully as possible. We partner with Speech and Language Pathologists in the community for assistance in this area if indicated.

Supported Living Services – These services are designed for the consumer that has the majority of the skills mentioned above and has the desire to live in their own home or apartment within the community. Angels Unaware, Inc. provides Supported Living staff to coach and teach the Consumer in the skill areas that he or she is not independent. Our staff spends a specified number of hours each day (specified by A.P.D.) with the consumer to make sure they are safe and their needs are met in this more independent environment.

Specialized Dietary Services – Angels Unaware, Inc. utilizes Nutritional Services to review our menus annually and to allow for special dietary concerns due to health, individual tastes, and religious needs. Additionally, consumers are allowed their freedom to choose certain meals which, on occasion, results in a trip to their favorite restaurant. We recognize that a healthy diet is directly tied to good health and we work to encourage this for our consumers.