Angels Unaware

Scholarship Fund

If you have been a reader of our newsletter or a supporter of Angels Unaware, Inc. for any length of time, you are aware that we have a growing number of consumers that no longer have immediate family or relatives alive, or active in their lives due to age or illness.   Angels Unaware has established a fund within our organization that helps those consumers without families.  Throughout the year we use this fund help our consumers have and enjoy the same things that others in the group home enjoy.  These funds support their birthdays, holidays, vacations and trips to the movies, restaurants, and amusement parks.  Due to funding cuts we occasionally have to use these funds to help repair a wheelchair or help purchase a needed piece of equipment.  Sometimes we may have to help with a bill for a consumer.

Due to the Christmas holidays, our greatest need is towards the end of the year, but we do utilize this fund throughout the year.  Perhaps you and your family may consider donating directly to the Scholarship Fund or consider providing Christmas for one of our consumers that no longer has any family alive or active in their life.

It is easy as writing a check and making a notation on the memo line of the check –”For the Scholarship Fund”.  As always, our guarantee to you is that of every dollar you provide to this fund will be spent directly on the needs of the consumers we serve.  Click here to donate.

Thank you so much for your support!